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What Is CaseNet™ ?

CaseNet™ is a system that can be used to forward workers' compensation claims to the Bruzzese Law Group, Inc. CaseNet™ also allows employers, insurance companies and third party administrators to check on the status of and obtain information concerning claims over the Internet. CaseNet™ is a fast, accurate and economical method for the handling and management of workers' compensation cases.

How Do I Use CaseNet™ ?

Once an account is established with Bruzzese Law Group, Inc., follow the simple instructions on the Bruzzese Law Group, Inc. web site. Please have your company's Claims Manager, Personnel Director, Office Administrator or Risk Manager contact Bruzzese Law Group, Inc. for information on setting up your own CaseNet™ account.

Is there a cost for CaseNet™ ?

As a general rule, once an account is established for a client with the Bruzzese Law Group, Inc., there is no cost to a Bruzzese Law Group, Inc. client to use CaseNet™ . The client, of course, is responsible for any charges from their Internet service provider, telephone company, etc.